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all i do is rant anymore

the most fun story i never tire of telling:

at my brother's wedding this past june, a guy from my GRADE school whom i haven't seen since SIXTH GRADE (well, maybe at some mixers, but from acros the room) was there as someone's date. like a good ol' boy, he found my mom to say hello after all those years, to be polite. my mother probed him (learned he's a sports doctor, can't imagine how my mother's face lit up at that) and basically talked me up, not mentioning john's name once i'm sure. the bridal party got to the reception, and my mother grabs me and tells me about how he's here and how i should go talk to him, catch up with him, get his number, DANCE with him because she suggested it and now he wants to (still doesn't know about john). meanwhile, john is standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME and it takes all of me not to scream "HEY. MEET MY FIANCE OF ALMOST 3 YEARS. YOU KNOW, THE GUY I'VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH FOR ALMOST 6 YEARS? THE ONE YOU HAVE MET MULTIPLE TIMES? YEAH."
so what choice do i have? we finally find each other and start talking and catching up. john is right next to me of course, and dan's looking at him like wtf why is he there. and then i'm like "oh yeah, meet my fiance, john. john, this is dan, from my grade school." dan is clearly thrown off (the look of shock) expecting me to be single or whatever (thank you mother for talking me up) and politely winds the conversation down, and then we kind of avoid each other the rest of the night.
this, among the many other manipulative things my mother has pulled over the past couple years trying to wrench john and i apart, is why she is now referred to under our roof as the c-word (but i actually use the word) and why i never want a relationship with her ever - but that isn't really news.

i love telling this story to john's family. i didn't realize i hadn't told his aunt, so when i told her at christmas, i had the whole room telling me "no wonder you live so far away. i would too."

be happy none of you people have manipulative mothers. they're exhausting and irritating.


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